Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vietnam so far

We've been in Vietnam for over a week now and I can't believe how fast time has gone. I enjoyed Ha Noi but I was definitely ready to see a new city. It was chaotic which I expected, but not an organized chaos like most cities I've been to. It was hard to even walk down the street for fear of being hit by a scooter.

Our trip to Halong Bay was definitely a success. Liana celebrated her birthday in one of the most beautiful places on earth, singing karaoke with new friends from numerous countries and continents. We got to kayak, explore caves, enjoy the beach and (my favorite) watch the incredible scenery from the front of our boat.

Unfortunately, I seemed to have caught some sort of infection during my time in Halong. Upon returning to Ha Noi, I was able to visit a reputable hospital with help from Melissa and was put on antibiotics. I'm back to feeling great again after just a few days.

We are now in the city of Hue. It's much smaller but still quite nice. The people are friendlier I think, although I still think Thai people are the nicest so far.

We spent the day riding bikes around the city and exploring a citadel which we've been referring to it as the fortress of solitude. I'm actually proud the three of us made it through the entire day without getting thrown off a bike or running into a taxi.

We're taking an early bus to Hoi An tomorrow where I'm told it's easy and cheap to get clothes made. I'll look forward to having a new wardrobe for the second half of this trip.

Although I love traveling, it's sad to be out of the country this postseason. So Go Cards!!! Email me with all game and player updates, please.

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