Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vietnam so far, Part II

Hello again from (the now sunny) Vietnam!

Out of the 15 or so days we have spent in this country, perhaps 12 or so were filled with nonstop rain. It seems that we have outrun the rain for now and we even spent the day at the beach yesterday, a welcome change from carrying our umbrellas.

Hoi An was such a great city, I'm a little disappointed the aforementioned weather put a damper on it. It rained for our first few days in the city, so we did what most people do and got clothes made. Any advice for travelers doing this in the future: take advantage of the opportunity, but consider carefully what you get made. Liana and I both thought we could get casual clothes made, but I think the specialty is tailored clothing. My stuff turned out nice, but it was more expensive than what I would usually spend on clothes and truthfully, I could have gotten it at any store for less. I think it would have been better to get a nice suit jacket or winter coat. Lesson learned!

Other than tailors, Hoi An is a delightful city. I loved riding a bike around the waterfront and exploring it all once the rain stopped. We even managed a bit of beach time there, too.

So we are in Nah Trang now and it's delightful, as well. The beach is nice and the city has a good amount to offer. Though we heard horror stories of muggings and such, so we've been extra careful.

I believe we're taking yet another overnight bus to Ho Chi Minh City (which I'm told is te craziest of all) tonight. Melissa was there before us and mentioned eating at a Subway, something Liana and I have promised to do. We will spend a few days there and we're off to Cambodia! And what we hope will be sun filled days.

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  1. I don't know why you wouldn't want to be a are so wise!
    I am going to find you a hippie boyfriend (that's cute) asap.