Monday, October 17, 2011

Muggings, oh my!

Hello, all! As the title of this post indicates, Liana and I ran into a bit of trouble in Cambodia. (Which, by the way, several travelers we encountered on this trip seemed to have. If traveling there in the future, just be aware of your belongings at all times!)

On our second day in Phnom Penh, Liana and I volunteered at an orphanage. We brought them rice and spent an afternoon getting to know the children, playing games with them and drawing "tattoos" on each other. They were all wonderful.

After leaving, we thought it would be nice to explore to city so we stopped at the Royal Palace. Upon arriving, our exit was blocked by several people trying to sell us water, books, and other trinkets (something else that is common throughout all of Southeast Asia). Instead of getting out of the tuk tuk to pay the driver, we paid while sitting down. After taking out my wallet to pay, I zipped up my bag and set it on my lap. Within what felt like a nanosecond, my bag was gone. A scooter had driven up alongside our tuk tuk and literally grabbed it from my lap. I immediately got out and let the dozens of people standing outside, including several policeman, know what had happened, but they just gave lackadaisical stares as if I was asking them to send me to the moon, not chase after the thieves. Needless to say, my bag was gone forever.

Fortunately (very fortunately,) my wallet was in my hand and not in my bag. I still have my credit cards, passport and iPod. All that was lost was my camera and photos. It could have been worse, certainly could have been better. But my lesson is learned.

So now we are in Bangkok again! And what a welcome feeling it is to be here again. I am absolutely in love with this city. If you ever consider a trip to Asia, come to Thailand.

Liana and I are headed south tomorrow. Instead of trying to see several islands in the remaining two weeks, we decided to visit and explore one or two. Tomorrow we will be on our way to Koh Phangan, and to say I'm excited is an understatement.


  1. OH NO JENA! I am so sorry about your bag and camera/photos! That is such a pisser. That person is sooo going to hell.


  2. Jena!! I had NO idea this happened!! I am so sorry! At least you still have your wallet!!! Looking forward to hearing your voice for a catch up session soon! xoxo