Thursday, November 3, 2011

See you later, Asia

I cannot believe the time to leave Asia has already arrived. This continent has been my home for the last 14 months, and leaving is an unfamiliar feeling. I have no idea what awaits me on the other side of the ocean (well, I kind of do) but I'm very excited for whatever's next.

But it's not quite time to go home, yet; I board my flight to Rome in less than an hour!

Kuala Lumpur was lovely. I met some new people, explored a new city and learned a lot of new things. However, I did catch a ridiculous case of food poisoning that I'm still recovering from. As long as it doesn't interfere with my pizza consumption, it'll be okay.

I didn't do much research on the city, so I didn't have much planned, especially since I wasn't supposed to spend more than eight hours there for a layover. I did get to go to Batu Caves, explore the Golden Triangle and the famous Petronas Towers and wander the many, many markets the city has to offer. I enjoyed my time there, but I wouldn't say it's one of my favorite cities I've ever visited.

And here I find myself in the airport, waiting to board the plane and make my way to another country that I've missed dearly. I have a 14 hour flight to Rome, but after the train and bus rides we've endured on this trip, I think this will be a piece of cake. I get in before my mother and will wait for her arrival, then we're going to explore Italy together! I am so, so excited to see her again and to show her the place that truly ignited my passion for travel.

After a few days in Rome, we'll take the train to Florence for a few days where we'll get to celebrate her birthday! I think I know exactly where I want to take her for dinner...

The months have become weeks and now days before I'm home. I can't believe I'm already making plans for America. I'm so grateful for all I've experienced, but ready to be home to see family and friends that I have missed dearly!

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