Friday, November 18, 2011

I need a nap

What an incredible fifteen months it's been. A friend of mine pointed out that I flew, literally, around the world and asked why I insisted on going the "long way home." Meh, why not?

Now I'm home and putting into perspective where I went and what I saw. It's a little difficult to imagine it all now and sometimes I wonder if it really happened. Being back home, Asia seems a world away, and in many ways, so unattainable. I hope I'll return someday.

For the mean time, my travels are on hold. Certainly not done forever, just for the mean time. I've been away from my friends and family for an awfully long time and I'm just going to soak up all the love I can.

I'm not going to keep this blog updated unless I'm traveling. I'm sure no one cares about my daily escapades in small town Illinois. I'll be looking for jobs, looking for apartments, and hopefully on my own two feet again before long.

Thank you for following along on my adventures thus far, it means the world to me. If, and when, I set out again, I will let everyone know.

1 comment:

  1. I want to hear about your daily escapades in small town Illinois via email and text. Feel free to call whenever you are bored, as well. I can always use a break from writing my thesis. I miss you, Jena! Asia will always be there when you're ready to return.