Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hurricane Busan?

I can't really explain the cold here. It doesn't snow which is nice. But it's windy. And it's not "oh, that was a sudden gust of wind!" It's "oh my gosh, the wind is stinging my face and blowing at me no matter which direction I walk, how is this possible, get me into shelter where I'll probably be just as cold." I feel like the bone-chilling cold has taken a toll on my body in a number of ways. And I've admittedly become a hermit as of late. To say I'm excited for the summer is an understatement.

But being a hermit wasn't all that bad this weekend. I saved some money, which I desperately need to do with my trip to Hong Kong coming up so quickly. And I got to do something I felt pretty good about. There's a group here in Busan called ATEK- The Association for Teachers of English in Korea. They put on all sorts of events and coordinate volunteer opportunities throughout the city. With the help of the organization, I was able to spend time at the boys orphanage here in Busan on Saturday. About 15 other volunteers and I went to "Boys Town" to spend time with the kiddies. We split into two groups, one group played basketball and the other did crafts. I cheered for basketball, I didn't play it, so I stayed with the group that made crafts. The little boys came in and my heart instantly melted- they were SO CUTE. Every month, they learn new English words, and this month's topic was weather. So we went over some basic words with them, then they made some groovy sunglasses to wear. We played a few games with them, brought out the play-doh and then gave them snacks. It was a small time out of my day that I would have otherwise spent sleeping. I think the little ones genuinely enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to spending more time with them in the future.

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