Thursday, January 27, 2011

A delicious dinner party

Sometime earlier this week, Violet (the woman whose wedding I attended in December) asked me to come to her home for a small house warming party. I told her I would absolutely love to go! I purchased a book before I came to Busan about Korean culture and tradition and I remembered reading about what to do if invited to someone's house. It seemed there were a million things I had to remember and I didn't want to offend anyone. But Violet and her husband, Zach, are young, so I knew they wouldn't be too upset if I did something wrong.

I arrived at Violet's studio apartment with Stella and Julie, my co-teachers at school, and first thing is first... must take off my shoes when I enter a home. She had made us spring rolls that we could fill with delicious meat, veggies, etc and then dipped in a bean paste. It was so good! Violet offered me a fork, but I was having a surprisingly good day with chopsticks, so I was able to navigate my way through the food just fine.

After we ate, Zach poured us all wine. Now, I know there's some kind of tradition and a sort of rhyme and reason to how drinks are supposed to be poured, but I think they kind of skipped on the rules so I wouldn't be embarrassed. I tried to be respectful by holding my cup with two hands and I believe I was then supposed to pour the drink for him, but Violet did instead. Then we ate fruit and cake and watched videos from their wedding and honeymoon. It was such a fun night! Here's to hoping I didn't embarrass myself too badly...

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