Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adventures in Geoje-do!

My friends and I decided to mix it up and go to another city to see what it had to offer. We chose to go to Geoje-do, an island near Busan. A bridge was just completed sometime last month, so we were able to take a 14 dollar round trip via bus instead of a 40 dollar ferry ride. The trip was only about an hour and a half and we got there and back fairly easy. While there, we went to an abandoned amusement park that closed down several years ago. We wanted to see it for ourselves, take some pictures and get creeped out. Read more about the park and what happened there:

Anyway, we asked around and eventually got directions to it. After walking up monstrous hills and asking for a little more help, we found the entrance and "snuck in."

Upon entering, we stopped immediately in our tracks when we saw other people there. It was at this point we began to fear for our lives when we saw these people were also holding guns. I decided to turn around and forget about the entire thing, but Kavita (the girl who went in first with me) started to talk to the seemingly nice gentlemen. Turns out, it was just a giant game of tag with BB guns. They were more than willing to stop what they were doing for a while to let us explore and they even wanted to stop and pose for pictures with us.

It was bizarre walking through the park which has been left to mother nature's mercy. Trees have started to grow around the rides and the paths are barely walkable. I don't know how much of the story is accurate, but it was still fun to walk around. It's strange that it has been left for abandonment, seeing as it's not far from town (once we knew where it was, it was easy to see from different parts of the city). It would be interesting to return to Okpo Land in 10 years to see what kind of shape it's in.


  1. i can't WAIT to visit that amusement park! it looks really creepy based on that article, but i think it'd be really sweet to see.

    also, i think we need to plan a trip to jeju this summer. you HAVE to see it, it's gorgeous. i went in november, so i didn't get to check out the beaches as much as i'd wanted to.

  2. yes, you should definitely check it out. maybe those men will still be there and you chit chat with them as well. my co-worker and i were actually planning a trip to jeju in august! it would be absolutely amazing if we could all go together.