Thursday, September 2, 2010


There are a lot of updates now. I just kind of copied everything I had been writing down so far. I don't think I'll have this much to say at once every time, but I talked about what I thought was interesting so far. Still having a great time and slowly becoming adjusted to life in South Korea. Stay tuned!


  1. oh girl, i am SO UNBELIEVABLY JEALOUS of you right now, you don't even know. i wanted to comment a whole bunch of stuff, so you get a nice big list all in one:

    -koreans put corn on EVERYTHING. burgers, pizza, you name it. and you get pickles as a side with stuff like pasta...i never got used to that combination of flavors.

    -koreans have the best drinking games! ask them to teach you. how do you like soju?

    -bulgogi, bibimbap, samgyeopsal, and kimbap are some of the best korean foods ever. plus their fried chicken is the best in the world.

    -all food there is crazy spicy. after the first couple times your mouth goes numb, you get used to the spice.

    -dunno if you already know this from your European travels, but a lot of the ATMs there will be compatible with your card. if you look on the back of the card, there should be a symbol for "Star" or "Cirrus" or something. as long as the ATM has that symbol, you can use it.

    -you're gonna get stared at a LOT. even near the end of my four months, i still got a lot of stares. just something you'll eventually get used to.

    -watch korean television, it's HILARIOUS. someone always gets beat up and there's always a man in drag. fabulous.

    hope you're having a fantastic time, and good luck with the new job!

  2. thank you, mandie! everything you just said is so completely true and i'm starting to notice it more and more. i think i've just become oblivious to stares throughout my time traveling. i think korean commercials are my favorite. everything has girls with skimpy outfits dancing and prancing around. it's amazing. i like soju, but i don't like it the morning after. thank you so much for the well wishes! best of luck with getting a job out here. i know what you mean when you say you love it and miss it. i think that's how i'll feel once i'm gone. but if you do come, we'll get together without a doubt.