Sunday, September 5, 2010

Go Lotte Giants!

We went to the baseball game on Saturday and I had a blast. It really is just like American baseball but so much more fun. For one, they have cheerleaders and they lead the crowd in chants and cheers throughout the game. When I go to games at home, it will get exciting at times when something is really going on. Here, it was fast paced and loud the entire time. Every player has their own chant. But they're very simple and usually to the tune of songs I recognize. The beer is also very cheap and the woman who walked around selling it also sold dried squid, but I wasn't brave enough to sample it. Don't be alarmed by the sight of us with plastic bags on our heads. Employees will pass the bags out toward the end of the game to tie around your head then we use them to pick up our garbage when the game is done. How clever and convenient. We went to dinner afterwards and ate galbi, which is kind of like strips of meat you cut and grill yourself. It was delectable.

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