Thursday, June 10, 2010

Clearing things up

After reading through some of these posts, I decided I'm not a very good author. Meaning, I don't explain things very well. I told friends and family reading this that I was going abroad, but that was about it. Not much explanation. Let me clarify.

I'm going abroad twice this year. I'm taking my first trip through a company called EF College Break. I will be flying to Dublin to meet up with other young adults that I will travel throughout Europe with for 25 days. There are various excursions planned and we have several free days to do whatever we want. There's only about 31 days until we take off and I honestly cannot wait.

I'll get back to America on August 5 to start preparations to travel to South Korea. I guess I didn't mention why I was going there, only the fact that it would be my future home. So I'll try to explain it.

A lot of my friends from the School of Communication went to S. Korea because we have a sister school there. Several of my friends from WZND studied there and absolutely loved it. I have one friend in particular who moved there to teach English since he graduated and has no plans to return any time soon. When graduation was nearing, I knew I needed to start making some choices on what I was going to do. And I had no idea. But I knew that I loved to travel and I knew that I didn't want to live so close to home quite yet, so I knew that teaching in South Korea would be a great alternative. I don't know the exact date I'll fly over, but it will be toward the end of August. I'll be living in Busan, South Korea for a year teaching little kiddies all about the English language. How will I do this? Not sure. Updates in a future post.

Hope I've cleared up some of the confusion. Because sometimes I confuse even myself.

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