Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snow Day!

I thought it was finally getting warmer here in Busan, but clearly I was mistaken. I woke up Monday to a few snow flakes, but thought nothing of it. It had snowed once earlier in the winter but it only lasted about 15 minutes and melted immediately. However after showering, getting ready and eating lunch, I noticed the snow was still coming down and was starting to accumulate just a bit. I went to Alix's room so we could walk together when I got a phone call from Jeff saying that school was canceled for the day. Nice-uh!

I was a little confused since it seemed to be an astonishingly small amount of snow. After all, everyone home was just hit with what seemed to be the "storm of the century," and even then some schools remained open. But Jeff explained to me that people just aren't accustomed to snow in Busan, and they're certainly not used to it mixed with ice. I figure there are no snow plows or ice trucks so it would be difficult for children to get to and from school. So our school, and several other schools around Busan, were closed for the day for what I'm sure amounted to less than 3 inches of snow. But I'll be honest, it was really slick outside and the ice that formed over the snow could be potentially dangerous. Enough so that I fell walking to school today. It never fails. I fall on the ice every single winter, sometimes when I'm holding a hot chocolate (not a joke, it happened). I thought I would get a break this year, but that wasn't the case.

On our day off Alix and I decided to get my fisheye pictures developed from Geoje-do and Hong Kong. I dig them.

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