Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy pepero day!

Happy pepero day to you and yours! What is pepero? I didn't know before today, either. They're kind of like breadsticks dipped in chocolate. Today was sort of like Valentine's Day for teachers. The students are supposed to bring pepero for all their teachers. Apparently they chose 11/11 because the numbers look like the food. How clever.

There's also an international food festival going on in Busan, although it may be finished now. One of my students went and I asked her what America had to offer. She told me nachos. That makes sense...

Melissa and I went hiking last Saturday. I hadn't gone on any trails yet, which is unacceptable and disappointing. I made my way to her neighborhood for a small yet challenging hike. It was nice to get away from the concrete for a while.

Best wishes to all reading!

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